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Change RAID 5 disk numbers

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Change RAID 5 disk numbers

Hi Everybody We have a hp Proliant dl380 G7 with a RAID 5 array resides on 8-146GB hard disks. I've installed ESXI5 U1 on this array. Now according to our company grows we need more disk space but we cant add extra enclosure. So our company bought 6-1TB brand new disks. Is there any way for us to move this Raid 5 array from 8 - 146GB disks to 6 - iTB brand new disks? Thanks in advance. Mehdi

Re: Change RAID 5 disk numbers



Yes, you may migrate from 146GB hard drives to 1TB drives.


Points to follow:

1. Check if the SmartArray controller supports these 1TB drives.

2. Some SmartArray controllers may require BBWC/FBWC to work with large drives.

3. Take a valid backup of your existing data from those 146GB drives.

4. After installing new 1TB drives, create RAID and restore the data.


The above way is the safe way (according to me) to change the drives.

There is another way where you have to remove one drive (146GB) at a time and add 1TB drive and wait for rebuild.

This process may take couple of days to complete because to rebuild 1GB of data it may upto 15min and will require BBWC or cache module attached to the controller.  Do check the controller requirements before doing so.



Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: Change RAID 5 disk numbers

Thanks for your reply

I know this way but can I use it to  replace 8 disks (146GB) with 4 disks(1 TB) in an online manner?


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Re: Change RAID 5 disk numbers

Not with the 8-bay server chassis!

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Re: Change RAID 5 disk numbers

I guess if you remove the machines from this system, install it from scratch and include it back into the cluster you are ready in about 30 min ...

Hope this helps!

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