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Change in Bios

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Change in Bios

I get Message which says
Machine Type/Model is Invalid
system Serial number is invalid

Erros I get
I get Error when the computer boot
Error 0167 No Processor Bios Update Found
Error 0662 Configuration Change has occurred
Error 0162 Configuration Error - Defualt configuration used
Please Help me.

Can I re-install System serial number and Machine Type/Model?

Thank you
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: Change in Bios


the question is if you changed the motherboard, if yes maybe this parameters was not filled.

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Re: Change in Bios

It would be helpful to know what system you have ...

However, go to RBSU and fill product and serial # (read them from the sticker on the chassis).

Hope this helps!

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