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Changing IDE RAID level on DL320G2

Dan Sanford
Occasional Contributor

Changing IDE RAID level on DL320G2


Is it possible to go from 2 IDE drives in a RAID 1 config to RAID 0 without losing any data on the drives? I tried changing the RAID level using F8 at boot but the system didn't boot after I made the change. I was able to change it back to RAID 1 again and it booted again so I know the data is still there.
This is a test server that I would like to free up some additional storage space temporarily.

Any advice is appreciated,
Occasional Advisor

Re: Changing IDE RAID level on DL320G2

Assuming that you at least have Windows installed, you should:

1)take a full backup either on a tape drive or on the network with ntbackup.(keep a copy of the boot.ini file somewhere else)

2)rearrange your RAID Setup (your are going to loose your Data)

3)Rebuild a Windows (no SP,no apps)

4)Restore the full backup (but the boot.ini file)

5)Compare the boot.ini file. They should be the same. If not, make sure to arrange it correctly.

it is what I am doing....

Hope this Help