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Changing MAC Addresses on CNA cards

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Changing MAC Addresses on CNA cards


I have some servers running some CNA's cards which i could do with changing the MAC address. Does anyone know if there is a way of changing on the following 2 devices.

We've' encountered a bug in Cisco ACI which has been losing packets to one server which has the following cards intalled, and we think changing the MAC address will solve the issue. I obviously realise i need to be sure that a new MAC would need to be not assocaited with any other device in our network.



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Re: Changing MAC Addresses on CNA cards

Media Access Control (MAC) address which is a burned in identifier that makes that NIC unique.

MAC are assigned in the factory, but may change the addresses in software. Refer Software support guide and knowledge base to know how to ..

Also refer :

If you are using HPE Blade enclosure with Virtual Connect interconnect then you may select VC assigned MAC adddress to CNA .

One of the benefits of using HP Virtual Connect in C-class blade Chassis is the ability to have MAC Addresses and WWNs set on a server bay as opposed to the physical server.

Before you setup any server profiles, you have the option to choose “Virtual Connect Assigned MAC Addresses”

For more details kindly refer Virtual Connect Manager User Guide and the VC Cookbook for best practise setup available at HPE Document Library



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