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Changing Mirroring RAID disks

Huzefa Akhter
Occasional Advisor

Changing Mirroring RAID disks

Hello ..


I have a DL380 server with raid configured as mirroring with only two harddisks ( 0 and  1)


As we lost some files due to a software bug I removed both the HD's ( 0 and 1).


Instead I put an old harddisk which was like backup into slot 0 and started the PC but it didn't start as the backup harddisk was originally for slot 1.


So i put it in slot 1 and it started and all is fine.


Now I have a blank new harddisk, if I put it in slot 0 will it rebuild from slot 1 ?


Or will it copy from slot 0 to slot 1 and both disks will be blank ?


Please reply. Thanks.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Changing Mirroring RAID disks

Before anyone can answer your question we need more information such as

Which model DL380

What model Smart Array controller

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! Accept or KudoI work for HPE