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Changing SCSI driver on W2000

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Changing SCSI driver on W2000

Consider the following.....

Windows 2000 server sitting there quite happy.....then suddenly the RAID controller fails.
The type you have is not available so a new replacement is installed. We know that the new RAID controller will see the existing RAID array but when Windows 2000 tries to boot it uses it's installed RAID driver, but this card requires a different RAID driver. Windows gives a "Invalid Boot Drive" error, not surprising as it's using the wrong driver. do you change the driver if the OS won't boot ????

My situation is slightly different but same problem. I am installing a new DL380G2 and have done an Arcserve restore of a Windows 2000 server on to the new hardware.
The difference between both configurations is the RAID controller.
The restore configuration is using a 3200 driver and I want to change to the 5i.

I can't believe changing a RAID or SCSI controller could be such a difficult problem.

Any comments ??
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Changing SCSI driver on W2000

Once you've restored the tape from the old server onto the new server, try running the Compaq Support Paq and letting it detect what drivers you need - before you reboot.