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Changing boot order on E200I on a ML350 G5

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Changing boot order on E200I on a ML350 G5

I've got a ML350 G5 server with a E200I raid controller. The boot drive are two 146 GB drives in a raid 0. Initially this was lots of storage but it didn't last long...

So we've gotten 3 1 TB drives and installed them as a raid 5 while the server was live. On reboot (I test everything) server wont boot. I pull the raid 5 drives and it boots normally to the OS.

The mirrored drives are set as SAS array B logical drive 2.

The raid 5 are set as SAS array A logical drive 1.

I wasnt prompted at any time to set the sas array or logical drives.

Currently its operating as a mail server and I want to move the primary mail storage to the raid 5 and keep the os and mail configuration on the mirror.

Is there a simple solution like changing the logical drives or which array I can boot from?


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Changing boot order on E200I on a ML350 G5

Hmm, I can't check this now but maybe it's possible to change this order in BIOS?

Maybe array A was not used and that's why it took the first spot?

Anyway, (as I found on google) has some tips. They're a couple of years old but should be the same as the RAID info is still stored both in the controller and on the disks.