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Chasing Server Raid Device Drivers

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Chasing Server Raid Device Drivers

Good morning,

PLEASE forgive me if I have posted in the wrong forum (if I have, please accept my appologies). Also, if this is the wrong foum, could someone point me, please, in the direction of the correct forum ?. Kind thanks.

I have  a HP ProLiant DL100 G2 Storage Server.

It has 4 x HDD's, each 150gb capacity.

When I got the server the 4 HDD's had been "erased", using a utility called dBan. The 4 HDD's had also been taken out, and placed back into the server. I do not know if they were replaced into their ORIGINAL bays.

Now, when the server boots, POST reveals "Array Found", and it shows each of the 4 HDD's, with the correct capacity of 150gb each.

Popped in Window 10 install CD, and selected to do fresh / raw (as opposed to upgrade install) install of Windows 10, but when it got to the point of asking where / which HDD to install to, it said No drive(s) found, and prompts for a HDD (Raid ??) Device Driver. I downloaded a few different ProLiant DL100 G2 produce recovery dvd's etc etc, but no luck.

Tried to install VMWare, but same drives found,,,,,,,,,,,please insert device driver CD.

Can anyone, please, advise of where I can download (URL ??) the HDD (RAID ??) device drivers for this particular model of server ?, so that I can get either Win 10 or VMWare installed, and up and running ?.

Many thanks in advance,


Jimmy Vance

Re: Chasing Server Raid Device Drivers

The only OS supported on that system was Windows Storage Server 2003. I didn't even recall that model.. It is at least 8 years old. The storage controller is listed as "Hardware-based SATA RAID controller (640GB, 1TB and 2TB models only)" Note, it doesn't call out a Smart Array controller so I'd assume it was some type of chipset based controller. When looking at the drivers page there isn't a driver shown for storage so it must have been included on the Storage Server 2003 media.


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Re: Chasing Server Raid Device Drivers

G'day Jimmy,

Thanks for your time, and reply. I do appreciate it.

Yeah, alas, an older server now. It was in service I believe for a numer of years

Right, Server 03 Storage Media, that's a good place to start. I have those DVD's tucked away somewhere. I'll see how I go tomorrow. Hopefully any VMWare install will pickup the right drivers.

A shame there was no user manual with the server.

Kind thanks again,