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Chasis fan on Proliant ML350 G4

Christopher Reeves
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Chasis fan on Proliant ML350 G4

I was hoping someone could tell me how to turn the main chasis fan off/down so it doesnt spin up and make a huge noise all the time. I tried disconnecting the fan but then it wouldnt boot. Do YOU know any way around this?

Please let me know soon ... I need some sleep! :)
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Chasis fan on Proliant ML350 G4

Hello Chris,

Y ? I don't think the server will work without the fan!!!

Have you installed the Latest PSP 7.9 ?
from :

This will help reduce some noise as there are HEALTH agents in this pack;

Resolution Gauranteed
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Re: Chasis fan on Proliant ML350 G4

Hey Chris,

This server has two fans installed one primary and the other is redundant, the redudant fan is installed on the top of the standard fan.

Now which fan is making a loud noise?

The Fan speed is controlled by the System BIOS
What is the firmware for the BIOS System Rom ?
The latest version is 2006.02.15 (12 May 06), If firmware is not up to date download from the link below

Hope this info helps, keep us updated.

All d best..
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David Claypool
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Re: Chasis fan on Proliant ML350 G4

On this server the BIOS is not in control of the fans; it is the health driver. The PSP must be installed for fan control.