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Chassic for HP ProLiant server boards ??

Jason Ho
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Chassic for HP ProLiant server boards ??

I am new to this board and have a simple question.


Just for 2 of the HP Dual Xeon lga 1366 motherboards and spent lots of time, but still could

not find a metal chassic to fit it..... I want to make a high power PC for HD 4K videos & Photoshop CS6....


Google, Ebay, Amazon etc etc and still could not find one.


If you have any hints & please let reply..........




Re: Chassic for HP ProLiant server boards ??



From the attached image, the part number of the system board is 583724-001.

To see which all products this system board is used in, refer to this link:


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: Chassic for HP ProLiant server boards ??

I don't think it makes sense to get a (spare part) chassis from HP for that mainboard. I guess you won't find any used one as only chassis parts may be sold used on Ebay/Amazon etc. It's too exotic to look for an empty chassis. New one might be far too expensive, I guess.


From my research and above link, Suman provided, this board was only built into racked server/storage systems. So there will be no stand-alone Tower chassis for it from HP.


Can you provide the dimensions of the mainboard (could not find them, yet)? It looks to me that this is E-ATX (extended ATX or also called SSI EEB), but might be even HP proprietary. You may find a fitting chassis from e.g. Chieftec, take a look at UNI/MESH/BRAVO series chassis, e.g. BH-02B-B-B or as a full tower BA-02B-B-B



Or do you need a rack-chassis?


There might be other options from other chassis manufacturers, too (Lian Li, etc.) or even take a look at server manufacturer Supermicro's chassis program ->


Further reference to (E-)ATX:







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Re: Chassic for HP ProLiant server boards ??

I also have this question - what is form factor for the HP Proliant server boards? In particular, what is the size/form factor for the motherboard in DL380 G7 (intel 5520 chipset, dual LGA1366)?

Thank you!