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Checking the power supply status without logging into ILO interactively

Mel Burslan
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Checking the power supply status without logging into ILO interactively

I have a garden variety of Proliant servers, all running a recent incarnation of Red Hat enterprise Linux (read as mostly versions of 5 and 6). The number of servers is in hundreds and I need to make sure all power supplies are in good condition before the data center building power maintenance starts.


I am looking for a way to get the power supply status of all these servers, either logging into ILO remotely and running whatever comand (which I don't know) and log the output to a report file, or execute something from the Linux OS to inquire the status of power supplies. I have the privileged ILO account names and passwords to all servers if necessary.


Is this possible ?

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Jimmy Vance
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Re: Checking the power supply status without logging into ILO interactively

If you have the hp-health driver loaded you can run 'hplog -p' to dispaly power data.


Another option is to use 'hponcfg' on the local system or remotely using 'cpqlocfg.exe' or '' and this RIBCL to pull the health data


<!--         RIBCL Sample Script for HP Lights-Out Products          -->
<!--Copyright (c) 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.     -->

<!-- Description:  This is a sample XML script to retrieve health    -->
<!--               information of the server.                        -->

<!-- NOTE:  You will need to replace the USER_LOGIN and PASSWORD     -->
<!--        values with values that are appropriate for your         -->
<!--        environment.                                             -->

<!--        You might need to tailor this script for the firmware    -->
<!--        running on your Lights-Out device according to the       -->
<!--        information in "Firmware support information" comment(s). -->

<!--        Use CPQLOCFG.EXE ver 4.00 or greater with this script    -->

<!--        This script was written for iLO 4 firmware version 1.01  -->
<!--        release.                                                 -->

<!--        See "HP Integrated Lights-Out Management Processor       -->
<!--        Scripting and Command Line Resource Guide" for more      -->
<!--        information on scripting and the syntax of the RIBCL     -->
<!--        XML.                                                     -->

<!--        Firmware support information for this script:            -->
<!--            iLO 4 - All versions.                                -->
<!--            iLO 3 - All versions.                                -->
<!--            iLO 2 - Version 1.10 or later.                       -->

   <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">
      <SERVER_INFO MODE="read">


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