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Clients lose connections

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Clients lose connections

We have 10 Proliant 3000 servers running NT Server 4.0 with Service pack 5. Five of them are being used as File/Print servers and with three of them we have a problem.

Around every three to four weeks (not a rule, it can happen also twice a week) one of these three servers disconnects the clients in a steadily pace. No new connections can be made and the existing ones are being disconnected (as it looks like) one by one.

The system becomes sluggish, even though procesor utilization is at a normal rate. Sometimes it is not even possible to log on to the computer or shutdown and you will have to power-cycle the computer.

If you are able to log on to the console you will find nothing strange, you can make outgoing connections, event viewer will not show any errors and the logs are clean.

If you wait a little longer the system will become totally unusable and will have to be power-cycled.

I know about three more sites where the same problem is occuring on different Compaq servers.

Could anyone give me a clue to what could be causing this?

I even did a complete inventory on all the systemfiles present on the servers and checked the results for differences between the servers, but without any real produce.


Jos Rossiau