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Clone from IBM to Proliant ML 350 G4


Clone from IBM to Proliant ML 350 G4

I have a running Windows 2003 Installaton on a IBM xSeries 305 (IDE Drives). I would like to make a clone of this installation to a new HP Proliant ML 350 G4 (with Smart Array 641) on a RAID 1. I´ve tryed this with ghost and sysprep - but this seems not to work. Machine Name IP Address, SID..etc..should be the same after the clone - the ibm server will be taken out of the network after the clone. Any Ideas for a successfull clone to the different hardware ?
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Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Clone from IBM to Proliant ML 350 G4

I am not sure anyone can helpyou reason is it will hardly work with the clone of IBM. But since you are trying best of luck.

Prashant S.
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Steven Clementi
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Re: Clone from IBM to Proliant ML 350 G4


You should be able to do this. They way would proceed would be to put the SA641 into the IBM server, if you can, and load up the drivers for it. Once dones, reboot (leaving hte SA card in) and do your sysprep and your image grab.

Once done, remove the 641 and put it back into ML. Create your Array and logical drive, restore your image and see if it boots.

Upon first boot, it should go out and start looking for drivers for all the new and different hardware.

Let us know if this is what you done already. If not, give it a try.

You can probably skip the sysprep step if you are going to leave the settings (name, ip, etc). Sysprep only prepares the server to accept a new name/SID, etc... not so much new hardware.

Steven Clementi
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Aaron MacDougall_1
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Re: Clone from IBM to Proliant ML 350 G4

I've done this before with other types of hardware, converting them to Proliant hardware. I like to use Veritas Backup Exec, it will usually do a great job of merging the drivers/registry, and you can tweak and repair once you're up on the controller. I'm sure most good backup software will do this for you. Just smartstart the new server and use your backup software from there.