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Cloning DL380 server running Win2K

John Maley
Occasional Contributor

Cloning DL380 server running Win2K

Good evening forum members.

I have inherited a server rack that contains 8 DL380 servers. These are early 733 Mhz models, (G1?), and all have identical hardware. My question revolves around cloning one server to another. I have experience doing this with Dell servers using their Array manager. When I do this on the Dell's I first fail the drive I want to move then Pull the drive and put it into the new server as Drive 0. Since all these servers have identical Harddrives (2 18.6 gig drives in a raid 1 config :( ) I would like to do the same thing with one of these servers to duplicate a production environment for testing purposes.

This company does not have Insight Manager installed and is not willing to purchase it.

Thanks in advance
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Cloning DL380 server running Win2K


You can do pretty much the same thing with the Proliant servers as you do with the Dell's. The only change I would make is when you pull the drive from the first server, place it in the same slot you removed it from... on the NEXT server. If you take the slot 1 drive, put it in slot1 on the next server.

Insight Manager is a free product. There is no direct cost related to seploying it excep for hardware resources.

You also do not need Insight Manager, but a copy of the ACU would be nice to have, in case the servers do not have it installed. ACU is free too.

You can just pull the drive out usually as most of those server are hot swap. The controlelr will automatically fail the drive and wait for a replacement.

This is not the best route to go, but effective if you don't have alot of time to spend on it.

Steven Clementi
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