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Cloning a server using a drive from a broken mirror

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Cloning a server using a drive from a broken mirror

I'm trying to clone a working DL360 G9 with a single RAID 1 array on a SmartArray P440ar controller.  I have broken the mirror and used one disk to rebuild the array on the original machine.  All is working as expected on the original server using the rebuild mirror.

However, I'm not sure how to use the "spare" disc from the original server to create the clone. The latest instructions I can find are from 2011 in "RAID 1(+0): breaking mirrors and rebuilding drives  How to, 5th edition" and they don't seem to apply to my G9.  I've copied and pasted the instructions from the old How to below, for reference.

I start with one drive (containing the data I want) from the broken mirror on the original server, an identical drive with no data and a server with no installed discs and nothing configured on the array controller.  Do I need to create an array with just one drive before I start?  If so, which one, the drive with the data I want, or the empty drive?  On my G9, once I have installed the second drive in the server (seen as unallocated), the only option I have is under "Manage Data Drives", "Mirror Array - Double the number of drives in the array and convert all logical drives to RAID 1", where I can choose the unallocated drive to join the mirror.  Again, it's not clear to me whether the data I want to keep should be on the unallocated drive or the one I've already allocated to the single logical drive.

Please will someone give me step-by-step instructions (or point me to the relevant document for a G9) to clone a copy of my original server using the drive I have from the broken mirror?


From 2011 document:

Recombining a split mirrored array using ACU

Complete the following steps to re-mirror an array using ACU:

1. Take the server offline and insert the CD or bootable USB drive that contains the ACU (typically SmartStart) into an appropriate media drive.

2. Restart the system, booting to the CD or bootable USB drive.

3. Select the HP ACU from the Maintenance Operation menu.

4. Select the controller that contains the array you want to re-mirror.

5. In the Configuration View panel, select the array to use as the source in the re-mirrored array.

6. In the Available Tasks panel, click Re-Mirror Array.

7. Select the array to be mirrored to the source. This is usually the array previously split out of the original mirrored array, but it can be another array of the correct size. CAUTION This process destroys all data on the second array.

8. Click OK.