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Combine logical RAID drives on ML350 G4?

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Combine logical RAID drives on ML350 G4?

Our Proliant ML350 G4 has low space on the C drive. Basically about 400MB free and I feel like eventually it will become critical and something needs to be done now as it's our DC, DHCP, WINS, DNS server. The server was set up such that there is a physical 33GB drive that is in a RAID 1 that is divided in the HP RAID to have a 10GB logical drive and a 23GB logical drive. Therefore I have a 10GB C drive and a 23GB D drive. There's an additional 68GB drive in a RAID 1 configuration that the HP RAID software has as all one drive.


What I'd like to do is combine, if possible, the logical 10GB drive/partition and the 23GB drive/partition. The data on the D drive can be moved so that's not an issue. But can the HP software combine this somehow? I think the problem is that this was done with the HP software so to the operating system (Windows 2003) the drives looks like 2 physical drives.


Re: Combine logical RAID drives on ML350 G4?



It is not possible to combine the LUN's and even from third party software. My suggestion is if your server model has an supported smart array controller which has the option to expand and extent the ARRAY if so below steps might help you to achieve the scenario described but it is a risky suggestion.


1. Move the data to another RAID-1 set (which has 68GB Space)

2. Delete the LUN from ACU (which is 23GB) once deleted this will show as free space in that particular array set

3. Now you can expand and extent the Array with remaining space

4. Once completed in the OS you can see the free space as unallocated partition, use any third party software like partition magic and expand the partition.


Note: before you continue please make sure you have taken the complete backup and it is working.

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Re: Combine logical RAID drives on ML350 G4?

All the drives are attached to a Smart Array 641 Controller.


This is exactly what I'm thinking. There is nothing on the 23GB partition that cannot be removed, uninstalled and then reinstalled on the new partition. Much more critical that the 10G RAID 1 is expanded/replaced as this server is one of our domain controllers, WINS servers, DNS servers and DHCP server. So not so easy to rebuild from scratch.


Is this riskier than using some kind of software to copy all the data from the C drive to another drive and then making the new drive bootable so it can replace the C?