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Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive

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Steve Szuster
Occasional Advisor

Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive


I have a Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k drive that I am trying to create a RAID 5 Array with on a SmartArray 431 controller. I sucessfully create the array and I get all greens on the hotplug housings and everything seems ok. However about 20mins into running the array (after the RAID 5 has sucessfully completed initialization), this one drive goes amber and the Array Config Utility tells me it needs to be replaced.

I then pulled the drive and connected it to the regular SCSI bus and fdisk/format and installed an OS without a problem. This drive seems to be fine.

I can't find any firmware updates for this drive.... Can anybody point me in the right direction? The model number is: BD01864552

Also, does anybody know if Compaq has a low-level or write zero utility available for their drives?

Thanks in advance,


Ed Cox
Respected Contributor

Re: Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive

I've never run across a low level utility from Compaq in the past...

Here's a link to the ROMPAQ update:
(It's SP19678.exe)

Also...for future reference:

This is a site for pulling down individual rom updates.
Good luck,
Ed Cox
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive


You can do the firmware updates to the drive as discussed above, but you may just be a victem of an old S.M.A.R.T. error. here is the M&P Patch:

The M&P Patch will reset the "predictive failure" thresholds on the drives. You will have to re-sync the "suspect" drive once again on your array and then run the patch. One Diskette and it takes like 2 minutes to do a full enclosure of drives.

If you still get failed drive status, try moving it to another drive bay and see if the problem moves with the drive. If it does, then you likely have a drive going bad. if it doesn't, then it may be the backplane board or cable it it connected to.

Hope this helps.
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Tad Nall
Frequent Advisor

Re: Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive

Sounds like you have a cage problem. Have you tried a new drive in that slot?
Steve Szuster
Occasional Advisor

Re: Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive

Thanks for all your very valid responses. I have updated the firmware and ran that patch, and tried a different drive (which worked), and changed slots. Still the same result. I am trying a write-zero (low level format) utility as my last resort.

Maybe its another SMART parameter that the controller senses it has passed its threshold. Any way to completely disable predictive drive failure?

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq 18.2GB Ultra Wide-3 10k Drive

There is a good chance that the disk drive is still under warranty. So if the disk drive shows a predictive fault, then have it replaced and don't waste any time on it. That is the purpose of S.M.A.R.T.