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Compaq CR3500 drivers for CL380

Kelli Cook
Occasional Visitor

Compaq CR3500 drivers for CL380

I currently have a Compaq Proliant CL380 with CR3500 drive array 2 node cluster. Windows 2000 Enterpirse is currently installed on it however, I need to upgrade to Win 2003. Win 2K3 will not install due to Non-Compatibility with the Compaq Network Teaming an configuration Software. I need to know if you have the CR3500 Array Configuration Utility available for Win 2003? Also if the HP Proliant Advanced System Management Controller Driver is available for Win 2003 also. We are unable to update this cluster with out these drivers/updated software.


Jon Ward
Trusted Contributor

Re: Compaq CR3500 drivers for CL380

Refer to for important driver information, including that of NIC teaming considerations.

Refer to regarding how the CR3500 should be handled. There is no Windows driver for the CR3500 at all.

There is a driver for the 32-Bit SCSI Controller driver connected to the CR3500, however, available at