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Compaq DL 360 3 failed HDD in 30 days

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Compaq DL 360 3 failed HDD in 30 days

I have a DL360 with two HDD. In the raid logs it always points to the HDD as failed. I think there might be an issue with something else. I am currently downloading the smart CD. This is a production server and it would need a schedule down time. In the mean time is there anything else I am missing.
Douglas A.
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Re: Compaq DL 360 3 failed HDD in 30 days

This issue could be related with the HDD Backplane. In order to confirm that you will need to run an Array Diagnostics Utility report and check the status of the drives. Also, are the drives failing in the same slot? Or are they failing in different slots? When they failed, did they displayed flashing/solid amber/red lights? Please run an ADU report and attach it here so we can check if it is a backplane issue.