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Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's

Christian Ott
Occasional Contributor

Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's


I'm using a DL380 G1 with two Intel Pro 1000 TX NIC's building a Failover Team.
This server shares the data to install the clients. But after a few minutes - if a client is connected to this
server - the server / NIC disconnect the client. The same problem appears when I use only one of the Intel-NIC's
instead of the team and also when the NIC's / Team ist patched and konfigured to use only 10 / 100 MBits.
All new drivers an firmware don't solve this problem.
Using the onboard 10/100 Compaq-NIC solves this problem, but we need the GBit connection.
Does anyone knows this problem - can anyone help to solve it?

Jez Thomas
Occasional Advisor

Re: Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's

1. Teamed for straight failover - nothing fancy?

2. What OS? If 2000, have you checked the server event log? What messages are you getting on the server and client when this happens? Client OS?

3. Single or multiple clients?

4. It could be OS, firmware, driver, network hardware problem at either the client or server end.

5. IMO, you need to go through good, systematic troubleshooting to try to identify the problem. It's either the cards themselves, or something they are interacting with. Either way, I'd need a lot more information before I committed to a diagnosis.

Good luck, Jez.
Regular Advisor

Re: Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's

I betcha you are using 2000 server as the repository and the client is using dos nic driver and during a large copy it somehow disconects the client..
would your gig-e be nc7131??
or in the same family??
Try this..
use NT4 server for the repository and see if this helped.

We came accros this issue long time ago and nt4 server was the solution at the time..
but since then we have migrated to 2000 server and lost track of the issue. I will try to find some answer later..
Regular Advisor

Re: Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's

try these..

Server side:::turn OFF the following.
Offload Receive TCP Checksum
Offload Transmit IP Checksum
Offload Transmit TCP Checksum

and reboot for good measure.

good luck.
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's

Please use HP Gb NIC's to have full support on your product. HP/Compaq selected Broadcom Gb NICs to be put in their servers for a reason you know :-)
A Proliant a day keeps the competition away!
Tom Mucha_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: Compaq DL380G1 with Intel GBit NIC's

NC7131's are Intels......