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Compaq Event Notifier problem


Compaq Event Notifier problem

Hi all,

I was using Event Notifier for a long time without problems. Recently I started to use SMTP to SMS gateway, provided to us under special contract by a third-party company. I configured Compaq Event Notifier to send SMTP messages to their SMTP->SMS gateway system; however, no SMS messages were received during testing (tested with SNMP test trap button in Control Panel IM Agents icon). In the same time normal SMTP messages were sent and delivered without problems.

I checked SMTP relay server (the one configured in Event Notifier) log files and found, that third-party SMTP->SMS gateway server responds with error code.

In accordance with log file, SMTP conversation starts without problems, EHLO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO and DATA commands accepted, but then (during SMTP message body transmission) their SMTP server responds with error code 4.5.1 - invalid command. Full SMTP respond is:

451 See

SMTP->SMS gateway server is QMAIL.

In accordance with, it seems that Compaq Event Notifier sends "bare LF" symbol (line feed symbol without preceeding it with CR symbol), thus "violating 822bis section 2.3, which specifically prohibits all bare LFs".

It's very pity that Event Notifier does not conform to SMTP-related RFCs.

How it can be fixed? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,