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Compaq HP Proliant 6400r, Accidentally deleted System partition Utilities

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Compaq HP Proliant 6400r, Accidentally deleted System partition Utilities

Hi All,

Recently, I am trying to reinstall Windows 2003 on HP Proliant 6400r.

I get into "F10" and accidentally deleted the system partition. During deleting process, it warned me if I deleted the system will not boot. I press Esc key but it still not go off. So it deleted the system partition.

The server reboot itself and promted Smart Array 221. Logical drive can not be found

And promted me with the two options: F1 and F10

If I Press f10, it will come up with the error saying that system partion is not available.

F1 go straight to show the operating is not available.

I downloaded CD series 5.5 and I got CD 6.2.

Then I try to used the burnt image to start the server but I get nothing response. It seems like the CD drive is death. I try with created startup floppy disk the result was still the same.

It seems all booting media are death. I tried to boot the 6400r server from different CD such as Windows 2003, Ubuntu, it still did not do nothing.

My questions are:

How can I restore back the system partition?
How can I set up the Bios of this server?

Please help coz I want to install the Windows 2003 but if the CD can not be detected, then I can not continue to the next step.

Many Thanks