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Compaq/HP international support for domesticly purchased servers.

Dave Hendrix
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Compaq/HP international support for domesticly purchased servers.

Does anyone have first hand experience with Compaq/HP international support and purchasing for servers (proliants etc)?

We've been a Dell shop for a long time and are getting increasingly fed up with all of the hoops required to buy a machine in the USA, transfer it to Europe/Asia branches and then re-purchase support locally. Something invariably always gets mucked up and is never discovered till a drive failure or other issue comes and we try to call the machine in for service.

In the ideal world, I'd like to buy or lease my servers in the USA, set them up and ship them whereever we need them and if a problem comes up, be able to call it in for service and just have the darned thing taken care of.

We've even told Dell we'd pay more money up front for some sort of international support but they just can't handle it because of the way they're run internationally.
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Re: Compaq/HP international support for domesticly purchased servers.

Hi Dave,

I would post this question in the Servers area of these forums. Here's a link to that site:,,429,00.html

There is also a Servers area in the ITRC forums. These forums have a specific Proliant section.... here it is:,,264,00.html

Please note that the same User ID and password you use here work on the ITRC side as well.

I hope this helps,

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Re: Compaq/HP international support for domesticly purchased servers.

HP has a global warranty; check out the FAQ section here:

The primary thing you need to be concerned about is in regards to power. Don't use a conversion kit; buy a real cable for the country that you're going to...

If you're going to get a service uplift/contract/CarePack, wait until the system gets to it's destination and then buy that locally.
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Re: Compaq/HP International Waranty Support

Dear David,

Some Compaq produts have what we call international warranty but some don??t.
My advise is, if you want to buy a new product with the idea to ship back to EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa), ask your supplier for the warrant level and statments.
For example some Compaq Products and models, ex: presario notebooks, prosignia severs, are only for US market and you would not find support, under warranty, for then in europe, however the spare parts are the same.
When the warranty level is International/Worldwide you don??t have to worry about.

I hope this will help you, but if you need some more information, just email me, I live in Europe-Portugal I also work for a Compaq/HP Service Provider.

Best Regards