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Compaq KVM Switch

Tan Kia Sen

Compaq KVM Switch

I hv 4 units of Compaq DL380 server running wintel and 2 units of Compaq DL530 running linux server software on top. All of them is connected to a Compaq KVM rack mount switch and single TFT monitor.

The systems works well all the while until there is a power failure recently. The linux server does not hv any display at all (but the keyboard and mse can still be access).

To troubleshoot the above, I hv actually try to connect the server console cable directly to a TFT monitor and works fine. So, perhaps it's actually the KVM switch problem.

When I try to connect to a new unit of KVM switch with new console cable - still no display found. I've tested to connect it to DL380 and confirmed the KVM switch are okay.

Any help to resolve the above problem will be very much appreciated.

Cheers & Rgs,
Kia Sen