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Compaq ML 530, smartstart, and ms2k3

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Compaq ML 530, smartstart, and ms2k3

I have a Compaq ML 530 with a 5300 RAID controller. I'm trying to install windows server 2003, but i'm having little luck. Every time I try to start the server with the smart start 5.5 cd in, it counts RAM, finds the 2 CPU's detects the scsi drives then says press F10 for system Partition Utility. I press F10 and nothing happens. The system just hangs. Is there any way to change the boot order or to boot off of a cd without using smart start?
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Re: Compaq ML 530, smartstart, and ms2k3

hi megaman75

what you need is this
Compaq System Configuration Utility〈=en&cc=us&mode=5&

only the first file in order to load that utility


I hope this can help you
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