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Compaq ML330 boot from IDE

Po-Shan Chang
Occasional Advisor

Compaq ML330 boot from IDE

I got some problems on my SCSI hard disk and I am trying to boot from IDE hard disk instead.

When I click F9 in the BIOS setup->"Standard Boot Order (IPL)", I can only see CD-ROM and Floppy Drive(A:). I can not see my IDE hard disk.

My IDE is connected correctly as the only master drive and I am able to install Linux on it without a problem, but after the reboot after the installation, I can not boot into hard disk because the BIOS still can not recognize the hard disk as a boot device.

Can someone pls help to provide the steps to add hard disk as my boot device in "Standard Boot Order (IPL)"?

Thanks a lot.

James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq ML330 boot from IDE

Hello Po-Shan,

Boot Order enables the user to configure the order of devices used to start an
operating system. This can be used to prevent the system from starting from
diskette and CD and to select which device the system scans first.
Hard Drive Controller Order allows manual selection of the controller. When
the system displays the "attempting to Boot from C:" message, the system
searches the selected controller for an operating system. Whenever an
additional storage adapter is added to the system, it is recommended that you
use this selection to confirm that you are starting from the appropriate hard
drive controller.
Advanced allows the user to configure and control removable media, as well
as to control the use of the IDE controllers in the system devices.

Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq ML330 boot from IDE

Most of the server's IDE controllers are purposely lackly the BIOS to handle modern IDE hard drives. You would need an additional PCI IDE controller to boot from IDE
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Re: Compaq ML330 boot from IDE

I am prettu sure that it is impossible - no proliant has IDE drives. You could try connecting ide hard drive instead of the CDrom. But probably it won't work.