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Compaq NAS B3000 or Proliant DL580 firmware?

Ryo Takagi
Occasional Contributor

Compaq NAS B3000 or Proliant DL580 firmware?

Hi, I was doing a trial on a NAS B3000 with RLOE card installed on it. I was unable to get any output from the display, so I decided to set the dip switch and cleared the NVRAM. Now, the box still does not show any output from the display and worst still, it restarts every couple of minutes by itself! I'd tried the Disaster Recovery procedure by setting the dip switches and putting in a ROMPaq diskette in the floppy drive. I could hear 2 long beeps and the green lights goes on for the floppy and after about 30 seconds or just rebooted itself...and then just do the same thing over and over again. Am I doing it the wrong way? Which ROMPaq should I be using? NAS B3000 or DL580 's? I'd tried both with the same results. On the box, it has NAS B3000 label on it and also DL580 on it. Now, the box is just rebooting with 2 long beeps and then stays on for a couple of minutes and just restarts again. Any suggestions folks? Thanks.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq NAS B3000 or Proliant DL580 firmware?

Hello Ryo,
Just take the NAS B3000 out of the picture. Make sure everything is sitting in properly in the server. Then give it a try.