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Compaq Not Providing On Site Service For a Wek now..

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Compaq Not Providing On Site Service For a Wek now..


Just wanted to share a horror story involving a new DL320 purchase and how pathetic compaq has been in responding to resolving the RMA issues.

I have recently bought a DL320, spent hours with tech support on the phone. The box crashes every time it is rebooted. Cant even load OS on it. I am very frustrated with Compaq's failure to provide onsite service for over a week now. Compaq support (BTW he was a very knowledgable support guy) determined they need to replace system board and some other parts. I was assured the service will be on next business day. They have failed to do so even thought six days have passed since my the case was opened last Saturday.

I have asked CDW (my vendor) to RMA this stuff as I need to move on, and I do not wish to deal with a company that bills me for a service but refuses to perform in compliance with the onsite next day contract. I understand Compaq is not allowing CDW to accept RMA this peace of juck even thought they have not even cared to cure this for nearly a week now. Is this a common practice on Compaq's part?

I am sharing this experieance in this forum to see if others too have had a similar experience.

Obviously, we did not buy this server to play Solitaire. The box does not work, Comapq on-site support has gone int deep state of coma, and CDW is sleeping at the switch waiting for a wakeup call from Compaq. I am stuck.

All I want to do at this time is to have this RMAed, and buy another box from a different vendor that cares for my business.

Any ideas? I am posting this here to see if there is a sign of life over there in Compaq land that may trigger even a faint response...

Shrikant Raval
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Compaq Not Providing On Site Service For a Wek now..

Well, you may want to post in the area more relevant to your server. This forum covers the old ProLiant 1000 servers, not your DL320.

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq Not Providing On Site Service For a Wek now..

Hello Shrikant,
I am sorry to read about the experience you encountered with your server. First of all you have posted your 'Horror Story" at a wrong site. This Site is meant for PL1000 only. Has your issue been resoved? If not please call our Tech Support at 1-800-OK-COMPAQ.