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Compaq PROLIANT 1600 (e34) sERVER

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Compaq PROLIANT 1600 (e34) sERVER

wHEN pOWER oN the Server , it has no display. Check all neccessary hardware. The processor board, system IO Board, Processor, Memory etc. Tried with different Monitor also.

This sudden death puzzle me.

Please, tell me what may be the possible cause for this.
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Re: Compaq PROLIANT 1600 (e34) sERVER


The problems can be with various parts, check the videop controller if that is plugged in properly(it might load the mother board if it is on board then ignore this), check if the memory are seated properly if all these are good then the powersupply to the mother board needs to be re-seated if still problem persists you need to get the power supply or the motherboard tested on another server, if you are not getting any kind of beep these could be the reason.


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Re: Compaq PROLIANT 1600 (e34) sERVER


Haev you tried installing a PCI video card in the system?

You need to set SW1 S1 to ON with the PCI video card installed.

Do you get POST?

Do you get any POST beep codes?

Do the fans spin?

Do the drives spin up and do you see lights?

Check that each cable (both power and signal) is properly seated and that there are no signs of damage or "burn".

Let me know what you find? -john
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Re: Compaq PROLIANT 1600 (e34) sERVER

I have a Proliant 1600. I hold my breath if I have to add ram or go inside at all. This server has a cage type subsystem that has to all be removed in order to add anything. You will have to be sure that this has been completely reseated properly. Or if you have moved server, be sure that this has not become a problem.