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Compaq ProLiant DL320 Fan Issue


Compaq ProLiant DL320 Fan Issue

Hello all,

I have a Compaq ProLiant DL320 (I'm not positive but I think it's a G1) that is giving me a "Critical Fan Failure 1611" for fan 6. I have aready replaced the failed fan and all fans are running at the proper speed but I still get this error. Is there something that I have to reset to stop getting this error? It won't even let me into the BIOS because of the fan error. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Doug Hassell
Occasional Visitor

Re: Compaq ProLiant DL320 Fan Issue

I have a DL320-G1 (beige bezel, Compaq name, only 3 fans on center bar) and I think the message refers to the power-supply fans.

The pair on my PS was getting just too loud. I went after-market and bought two plain 40mm fans and installed them in the PS. Had to re-arrange the pins on the connectors; screwy way Compaq set this up.

According to the board, these are the fan assignments:
(as seen when facing the front bezel)

- Fans 1,2,3 (center bar, left side, near CPU)
- Fans 4,5 (rear panel, left side, next to DIMMs)
- "Fan 6" (both PS fans--best guess)

Barring a shrewd solution around the special nature of the OEM fans, it appears we're both in a position to get a new PS for the Proliant DL320. Search on the Compaq part no. (177628-001)... just keep looking for the best prices.

Best of luck!
Doug Hassell
Occasional Visitor

Re: Compaq ProLiant DL320 Fan Issue

CORRECTION: The PS part no. is 207728-001 -- for some reason, there's another label on the PS that shows the other number.

I searched on it and found 512MB memory modules; definitely NOT a power-supply!

Sorry 'bout the mix-up!