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Compaq Proliant 1600R Drive not found

Tom Allen
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Compaq Proliant 1600R Drive not found

When trying to install Win2003 server, the server is saying there is no logical/physical drive attached. I have loaded the SCSI driver inthe win2k load process (f6) and still nothing. I believe this is a software driver issue as this machine has been rock solid. Any guidance or help is appreciated, it will not allow an install of anything since no drives are detected. It is dual PIII 500's, 512 ram, 4-9 gig raid SCSI. All stock from Compaq, I am original owner...
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Re: Compaq Proliant 1600R Drive not found

Hi Tom,

It does work so rest assured.
You'll need to run ERASE and then create the logical drives with the Array Configuration Utility (If you plan to start from scratch that is with a manual install, since 2003 is not supported on the PL1600).

I have a PL1600, Smart Array 5300 with NT4, W2K and W2K3 in a multiboot configuration. The only thing I remember was that the Netflex3 NIC isn't supported by default in 2003 but you can use the one for Windows 2000.

Questions: -

Do you have a Smartstart CD, version 5.XX?

What Raid controller are you using?
Smart2DH, Smart 3200, Smart 5300 ?

What firmware level is it at?
(Displayed at POST)

What is the system BIOS date?

You should get it working with a little help but I'd get everything up to date first.