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Compaq Proliant 6400R question

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Compaq Proliant 6400R question

I am building a 6400r server, have two IBM 36.2GB SCSI disks in 0 and 1.

when it starts,
"scanning for SCSI devices ...No SCSI devices Detected"

Also i try to boot from floppy(win 2k), but it said no hard disk to install the operation system.

I know in Dell use Ctrl+A to set up the could I set up these SCSI as C: or that I could install OS?


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Re: Compaq Proliant 6400R question

just call tech support, need Smartstart CD....

I have no idea about it...someone help...
Vince Van De Coevering
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Re: Compaq Proliant 6400R question

The Smart Start cd contains all of the programs to configure and set up your Proliant.

You didn't say if you had a RAID controller in the system. If these are hot-swap drives its likely you have a raid controller. You need to create virtual drives using the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) found on the smart start disk before you can load windows.

It is possible to download the configuration software and run it from diskette but the Smart Start CD will make short work of it, especially using the guided setup process. It is worth the purchase price.