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Compaq Proliant 6500 Scsi Controller

Serkan Erdinc
Occasional Visitor

Compaq Proliant 6500 Scsi Controller

i got compaq proliant 6500 server. i have to make a configration to scsii controls. this can make by smart start software. but this versiyon can use smartstart v5.5. but the iso files which written to cd cant boot the server.

here his the matter: this server had 8 scsii hdd old times. when server out of order, some took 5 of that scsii disks. now, when i try to make active that server doesnt work, cus there is only 3 disks left. i dont have the old versions of compaq softwares. so i cant configure disks because scsii controlers dont have the smart start software.

How can i reconfigure smart start array.. without smartstart v5.5 software ?