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Compaq Proliant 7000 Interlock Problem

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Compaq Proliant 7000 Interlock Problem

Hi, OK so i got one of these aswel out of the store room and plugged it in, was powering on etc, so i removed everything from it, and cleaned it, but now only the cr46 stays on but doesn't power, the normal power interlock led is on aswel, not sure if that should be on though and cr20 is off

did check all the cables and connectors and everything is seated nicely
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Re: Compaq Proliant 7000 Interlock Problem

There's 3 interlock LED's. And no 2 should be on, while the other 2 should be off.

Recheck, that everything has been reseatet properbly. CPU's got interlock switch. It's been a looong time ago, since I have seen a PL7000.
Put on the lit, it might have a lit interlock. The PL3000 did.