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Compaq Proliant 800 Server (BIOS P14) boot order.

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Adam Harrison_2
Occasional Contributor

Compaq Proliant 800 Server (BIOS P14) boot order.

Thanks to Luis Valencia's excellent help I was able to get into the server's BIOS, but I don't see anything related to boot order.

I do see that the onboard SCSI controller is the boot controller, but it is trying to boot from the SATA drive and giving me a no bootable drive error. I would prefer keeping the OS on the SCSI drive.

How can I get this system to boot from scsi when there are also ide(sata) drives on the system?
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq Proliant 800 Server (BIOS P14) boot order.

Hi Adam,

The SATA card has BIOS which is enabled so this has priority over the onboard SCSI due to the PCI scan order which the system performs.

If possible, disable the BIOS on the SATA card using it's rom based setup or utility.
This will allow only the remaining onboard SCSI controller to be seen as a boot controller. Alternatively if the SATA card cannot be changed, insert a SCSI controller in one of the PCI slots which has a scan order BEFORE the SATA card and run the SCSI cable to your system disks. The PL800 primary and seconday PCI slots are shown in the attached image. The controller in a primary slot will be scanned before one in a secondary slot.

Something like an Adaptec 2940UW or 29160 should do the trick if required.

Good luck.