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Compaq Proliant 800 menu options

James Dipper
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Compaq Proliant 800 menu options

We're using a Compaq proliant 800 server that was working fine, now all of a sudden it is prompting for the choice of operating systems.
Normally it would give the choice of F9 to change to OS or F10 for config options, but now it automatically gives the entire list of OS choices. We need to choose SCO Unix 5 two or three times before it loads. Occasionally the date will change to 1999. Any reasons as to why this is happening, or suggestions on how to prevent it from occuring again? We'd like to set the choice back to SCO Unix 5 then just boot it like we normally have.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Compaq Proliant 800 menu options


The battery is going dead on your server. You need to purchase Spare Part Number 160274-001. I have heard of folkz getting this battery from Radio Shack or a computer parts store fro a lot cheaper than HP sells it.
Here is the photo of the part:

Here is the PDF guide on replacing the battery:

Battery replacement begins on Page 22.

Hope this works for you! -john
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