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Compaq Proliant 800 server BIOS access.

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Adam Harrison_2
Occasional Contributor

Compaq Proliant 800 server BIOS access.

I'm trying to get into the BIOS, and I repeatedly hit F10 at logo screen when it's booting, but I'm never let in.

I do have the "Configuration Lock" jumper set to OFF. The BIOS version is P14.

This system used to just have scsi drives, but we are trying to add some SATA for mass storage, and it keeps trying to boot from the SATA drives.

Any advice on how to get into the BIOS and fix this, since "F10" isn't working?
Luis Valencia
Valued Contributor

Re: Compaq Proliant 800 server BIOS access.

Compaq ProLiant 800 does not use RBSU (ROM Based Setup Utility), it uses the system configuration utility.

When the system is installed with SmartStart v5.50 (or below), a special partition is created (usually 32MB).

There is were all changes and .cfg files are stored.

The utility to configure the PL800 is the System Configuration Utility (SP19619.EXE).

However, if the system partition is not created, DO NOT CREATE THE PARTITION in a working server. It will erase the first 32MB of Drive 0. Just use the utlity.

Use the SCU from Floppy or from the SmartStart CD.

If you have a copy of a SmartStart 5.x, use it to run the SCU.