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Compaq Proliant ML370T01 733MHz 256M AP series

iskandar zulkarnaen
Occasional Contributor

Compaq Proliant ML370T01 733MHz 256M AP series

HI guys,

If anyone of you guys know how to resolve the problem i having now. All the disk array is gone. I need to rebuild the disk array from scratch with new HD.i got 5 9.1GB hard disk in the array. During boot up is show Smart Array 3200 initialiaziing. Then after that logical drive no configure please run the disk array utility. I try using Disk array utility 1.20 in diskette form but it states no disk array found. I have a version 4.60 smartstart cd bootable but i unable to use it since the cd has warped.
I have try the system configuration utility and all doesn't work. i hope someone can provide me with step by step guide and the necessary software for me to download to setup a diskette to build the array.
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq Proliant ML370T01 733MHz 256M AP series


Seems we need to reconfigure use the server again. so please start from scrach clear all configuration.
this link will give some tips to do so.

Where how did the all infomraiton is gone any errors prior to this. can put up more infomration for this

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
iskandar zulkarnaen
Occasional Contributor

Re: Compaq Proliant ML370T01 733MHz 256M AP series

Well it just that the server was okay all along. After it HD failure we change and add 3 more 9.1 GB harddisk. It seem that all the array configuration is gone. An the smartstart cd that i have is warped. What software do i need rebuild the array and logical drive?
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Re: Compaq Proliant ML370T01 733MHz 256M AP series


The best way you can do the configuration is by using smartstart CD. you can order the sam efrom HP ( please get the latest supported version (5.x, where x may be anything supported by your server)) .

If you want to do it manually, erase the server with system erase utility, then configure the server with SCU, and then the array with SCU or ACU( it depends on which kind of array controller you have, for origional compaq array, you dont have to use ACU, you can configure it with SCU)
. all utilities are bootable floppy sets ( and are pieces of Smartstart CD)and you can download from hp site.

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