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Compaq Prosignia 300 CD Boot Issue

Occasional Contributor

Compaq Prosignia 300 CD Boot Issue

I have a pent pro prosignia 300 compaq server, thing is that I was able to get it configured too boot from cd's. I ran smart start cd erase ulity an unknowingly removed my settings. I tried to reconfig them but, its not able too boot from it. I dont have any paper work or programs except what is on here for the most part.
I did find this though

Run and save Version 2.40A or later of the System Configuration Utility (reboot
between each run) and verify that the embedded SCSI Controller is identified as
"Compaq Wide-Ultra SCSI Controller," instead of "PCI SCSI Controller." If not,
run the Utility again.

I have version 2.49 of that. After witch started to work at first cause I changed it from SCSI2 Compliant to SCSI1 Compliant. Thing is that I dont have the menu that it is indicating at all, I have Embed compaq intergrated 32 bit fast scsi 2 controller P then I can change it to ether Scsi1 Compliant/SCSI2 Compliant/Aysnchronous

Thing is that the issue is still there.