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Compaq SmartStart V5.00 CD needed

Giulio Moro
Occasional Visitor

Compaq SmartStart V5.00 CD needed


I need a copy or image file of the original Compaq SmartStart V5.00 CD that was shipped with the Compaq Proliant 5000 server.

Recently I gave away my old server before modifying the internal configuration and now my buddy needs the CD to reconfigure the system properly, reload the Systems Diagnostics and Setup partition on the hard drive, and setup a new RAID array.

The HP website only has V5.50 which will not run on the Proliant 5000, and I already have a copy of the V5.50.

Is there some way to get it from somewhere, somehow?

I can be reached at grmoro at

Thank you all
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq SmartStart V5.00 CD needed

I have SmartStart 4.90 CD and I can upload ISO image to your FTP.

But I think SmartStart 5.50 CD must work on Proliant 5000.
From my experience there are three main reasons why SmartStart 5.50 may not run on old servers:
-CDROM drive on server is broken
-you burn SmartStart 5.50 CD with max CDWRITER speed and old CDROM drives sometimes cannot recognize CD that you burn with x32 speed. Try to burn CD on x4 speed.
-SmartStart 5.50 ISO you download from HP site is broken. Try to download again.

Alternative you can use Compaq System Configuration Utility on diskettes:
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq SmartStart V5.00 CD needed

Problem seen with few server, unable too boot with Burned 5.5 SS CD
Lower speed and old burner 2x 4x should help
For confidence ask for Image that Igor Offer you
Giulio Moro
Occasional Visitor

Re: Compaq SmartStart V5.00 CD needed

Thank you Igor. I will try this when possible. Thank you.