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Compaq proliant 1600 and Tape drive compaq dds EOD006 (20/40 GB DAT)

Mikael Engström
Occasional Contributor

Compaq proliant 1600 and Tape drive compaq dds EOD006 (20/40 GB DAT)

Having troubles when mounting the media for this tape drive. The drive itself is detected both in bios and in windows 2003, but when i start a backup it seems as if it loops at "mounting media" and does´nt move further in the process, since the tape drive have been used in an other computer before i should´nt be hardware error, but it´s possible the jumpers and switches are configured wrong... i use the internal Scsi connectors of the server, and no scsi pci-card, is perhaps this not possible or??

Many questions hopefully the community have some ideas and answers.. or perhaps more questions, (did´nt now what specs you might want)
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq proliant 1600 and Tape drive compaq dds EOD006 (20/40 GB DAT)


Check the SCSI termination and try to use internal SCSI bus A (lowest connector on mini-backplane). Make sure that if you have a terminator on the cable that you do not have terminate enable (TE) jumper on the drive (double terminated).

Look in the system event log when it hangs and check for event ID=9 and event ID=11 errors which indicate a scsi bus timeout error. Use a 90m (DDS2) or 120m tape (DDS3) tape rather than a 125m (DDS4) to test and use one that you know works OK in another drive and can be initialised OK.

Most internal SCSI errors on the Proliant 1600 relate to the CPQ32FS2.SYS driver for the embedded SCSI chips on the processor cage which go to the mini backplane and external SCSI port.

I have a 20/40Gb DAT attached to my PL1600 and it works OK with NT4 and Windows 2000. Although the PL1600 does not officially support Server 2003 it does work OK.

I hope this helps.