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Compaq (yes, Compaq) Proliant ML370 may have finally died...

Ken Krubsack
Trusted Contributor

Compaq (yes, Compaq) Proliant ML370 may have finally died...

OK, folks... time to REALLY dig back into the archives.  This one is a challenge (of sorts) for the old-timers.


Probably a 10-year-old dinosaur/museum piece Compaq ML370 running Win NT4 (!) that I haven't been able to kill - and not for lack of desire, believe me.  This thing has been on stolen time for years.


Looked at it today and it will not POST - even from pulling the power cord.


It does the memory check (maybe not all the way through) and I get this text on the top of the screen:




I'm thinking the leading "I" may be an artifact from the memory initialization counters.


I'm not looking for too many heroic measures to bring this beast back online, but my basic question is: is it something as simple as a memory module that bought the farm or is this the system board itself?




David Orwig
Regular Advisor

Re: Compaq (yes, Compaq) Proliant ML370 may have finally died...

Still got a Compaq 6500 running NT4.0!!


Strip it down to bare minimum to see if you can get it to post; Pull all peripheral pci cards (even the array controller if you need to.) and remove all but minimum ram. You might even try to pull all the ram to see if you get a different error.


However the "slot 00" has me concerned. Could be system board.