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Configuration Issue with Powerstore L200

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Configuration Issue with Powerstore L200

Does anyone know of any issues between the Compaq 6400R (or 4500's) and a Powerstore L200 Tape Device. Detailed below are the errors that have been received and the action that has been taken. Any other ideas appreciated !


DLT Drive and a Backup Server have been installed in our Lab to investigate the apparent problem with this type of DLT (PowerStor L200). Backup Exec could not see the Changer Unit, only the internal DLT Drive. The Changer is not detected in NT, and hence not in Backup Exec. Changed SCSI ID settings on the DLT from (Library=5) and (Drive=0) TO (Library=3) and (Drive=4). The Library is now detected as a SCSI device on boot, and is visible in Backup Exec. Attempted to Inventory drive but no reponse from the device. Downloaded PowerStor and Intel Device Driver Set from Veritas. Upgraded the DLT device and library drivers. Was now able to inventory a Slot, but device again froze on running a backup. Next task is to: check scsi drive/library settings are in correct numerical order; are there any known Compaq conflicts with this type of device (multiple scsi rather than multiple LUN).


Changed Autoloader scsi ids to (Drive=3) and (Library=2). Can now Lable Media (ie R/W to device).When attempting a Backup, the Autoloader shows "Device Active" but the Library does not respond and the Backup eventually fails. The Alert states "Changer hardware is in the incorrect mode". Veritas site checked for this error but none found. Manufacturers site for same.


A second installation of NT Server SP5 was installed on the 4500 and Backup Exec 7.3 installed. Latest device drivers and autoloader update applied. Fault symptoms remain. A second L200 Autoloader device obtained complete with cables. This Autoloader exibits similar problems, ie it may hang at some point during a backup job, eventually managed to perform several backups but device still occasionally hangs when attempting to load a tape during a backup job. Even when a backup can be performed any subsequent backup to that tape fails unless it is first scratched, this occurs for any Overwrite protection setting. Even with both autoloaders set to identical settings they exhibit different symptoms which are subject to random change. The symptoms occur on three individual servers Compaq 4500, Compaq 6400R, one of which is a fully functioning backup server. No single piece of H/W, cable, or S/W installation is common to all attempts to investigate this.