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Configure a HP ProLiant ML110 G5

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Configure a HP ProLiant ML110 G5


i'm thinking to buy an entry level server for home use and I found the model in the subject but I have some issue about the configuration.

First: RAM

Can I install common RAM memory modules or only HP RAM (450259-B21) are compatible? Another question is about the price. Why a single bank of 1 GB costs, here in Italy, 35€ while a kit 2 x 1 GB cost 85€? I want to make a system of 4 GB. So is it more convenient to buy 4 banks of 1 GB?

Second: CPU

How many CPUs can I mount on this server motherboard?

Third: HD

I want to make a system with 4 HD of 160 GB since I already have one of those on the base configuration. Does this server use 2,5" HD like hot swap HDs? Something like in the image:

So with this type of HDs can I install it in the front of the server without open the case? Like more advanced server with hot swap HDs?
Is the part number 458947-B21 correct?

Fourth: Server model number

Does the models 444809-421 and 470064-827 have the same configuration but second one only more RAM memory?

Thank you for help.
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Re: Configure a HP ProLiant ML110 G5

Hello Yiyi,

1. RAM: Only HP Supported memory can be used. They should be PC2-6400 DDR2-800 unbuffered ECC DIMM.

2. CPU: Only one CPU supported

3. HDD: You can only use non hot plug hard drives with the standard configuration or I should say the standard controller that comes with the server. (Not like the ones in the image).

This part number 458947-B21 is correct for this model, but it is not hot plug. Which means cannot be installed without opening the case.

4. Model # : Apart from more memory I guess it has a DVD-RW instead of a DVD-ROM in case of first model #.

Thanks !!!
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