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Configure new HDDs on ML310e Gen8


Configure new HDDs on ML310e Gen8

Hello, I have a ML310e Gen8 Server and I want to change it's HDDs.

The server is using RAID 1 but curruntly only has one Drive.

I've seen that I need to access the Smart Array Controler "F5", for the system to be able to recognize the new HDDs. 

I am unable to acces the Smart Array Controler as the issue is exactly the same presented in this Discussion:


From my understanding I have to reset the NAND, by accessing the ILO Web interface, but i'm also unable to access it with the IP that apears in POST.

Note that I was able to update the BIOS and the ILO 4 to it's most recent updates.


Any sugestion of what I should do?


Josué Monteiro

Occasional Advisor

Re: Configure new HDDs on ML310e Gen8


1- if you connect the iLO port to network have DHCP Server you can see the iLO IP on DHCP Server

2- if do that the below Like can help you to create Vetual disk without smart start:

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