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Configuring 2-bay optional scsi in HP Proliant ML 350 G3

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Configuring 2-bay optional scsi in HP Proliant ML 350 G3

I have HP ML350 G3 333373-001 server. This server has 6 SCSI disks in RAID 5 with HP Smart Array 532 occupying the 6 disk bay fully already. But recently we're running out spaces. I like to add more disk spaces, and found this server can have option 2 bay disk cage in its QuickSpec ;

, so I assume I can add two SCSI as RAID 1. to move some files to this new disk drive. But when I look at the smart array 532 card, the SCSI cable end is attached to 6 disk bay and there's no any more available cable end plug on both cable itself and the raid card. Does this mean I have to buy another raid card for the two new disks?

I haven't done with with configuring SCSI raid or disks, can anyone give me some tips or general guides on how to configure scsi disks, I appreciate.

Thank you in advance.

Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: Configuring 2-bay optional scsi in HP Proliant ML 350 G3

I don't think that the optional 2-bay Hot-plug cage is meant to be connected to the Array controller, but to the built-in SCSI-controller on the Motherboard.
(Which means that it won't be possible to integrate the new HDDs with the old array, or in fact, to make an array out of them at all)

The G3 isn't exactly a new server...
(Not certain what the optional cage will cost or if it's still available, or an Array controller that will support all the drives)
And some of the disks you have may be getting old.

You may want to consider either upgrading to new(and larger) HDDs, or getting a new server with larger drives already installed.

I assume that you're running some version of Windows on this Server?
IF so, it should have an 'HP Array configuration Utility' installed, which can be used to add drives to an array, or change arrays, very easily.