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Configuring a ML530R

Occasional Contributor

Configuring a ML530R

I just got a Used Compaq Proliant ML530R I plugged it in and it says one logical drive but when it scans for the other scsis drives it says no scsi devices found I have 9 x 9.1GB scsi drives in this system. also I have a copy of SmartStart 5.50 but it wont boot into it.

What do I need to do to beable to configure this machine?

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring a ML530R


the "No SCSI Devices found" is normal. The array controller has the hard disks attached to it, and it sees 1 logical drive. There is nothing attached to the SCSI controller.

Do you get a prompt to press F10 to enter System Configuration Utility? If that works, you can change the boot order there. If not, you can try creating the system configuration floppies:

Clearing NVRAM will reset the boot order to default (Floppy, CD, Hard Disk) - you can do this by setting switch 6 of switch block SW1 (located near the memory slots) to ON. [Power off, set switch to on, power on, wait 30 seconds, power off, set switch back to off, power on]

If you want to wipe the server completely and start from scratch, you could use the System Erase Diskette: