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Configuring a used Proliant 6500

Joe Batt
Occasional Visitor

Configuring a used Proliant 6500

After searching for a hour or so for manuals, I'm not finding anything.

I recently purchased a well used Proliant 6500 (quad PPro 200 with 3 working 4.3 GB SCSI drives). How do I configure the RAID array? All I've found is tools that run under operating systems, but the box doesn't have a drive, so I can't install an OS. I have zero documentation.

Thanks for any pointers,
Jorge Pereira
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configuring a used Proliant 6500

You have to use Array Configuration Utility, booting from a SmartStart CD (version 5.5 or lower, because versions 6.x do not work with older servers).
I dont't think there is a way to start it from diskette, so if you don't have a SmartStart CD you can also try another approach (and more dificult also):
- install minimum OS on a IDE or SCSI (not on RAID controller, just simple SCSI channel) disk;
- install Array Configuration Utility (you can download it from HP/Compaq site);
- configure your Array;
- remove the IDE/SCSI disk and start again;