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Connecting a Proliant ML370G3 with 2 NIC's to 3Com switch

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Connecting a Proliant ML370G3 with 2 NIC's to 3Com switch

I am looking to connect my server to a 3Com Superstack III switch for obvious bandwidth advantages. Does anyone have any simple step by step instructions please?? I have tried using the Compaq ganging software and I loose contact with the network altogether.
All help and suggestions appreciated.
Bruce Preudhomme
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Re: Connecting a Proliant ML370G3 with 2 NIC's to 3Com switch

This can be done with the Compaq Network Teaming software in Load Balanced Mode. A key point that we have discovered it works best if the NICS are identical (same make and model and obviously are Compaq NICs). As far as step by step instructions, I have the following for setting up Network fail over but it would be similar for load balancing (Note, this procedure assumes that the latest CSP has been applied and that Compaq Teaming drivers were installed):
This procedure assumes two Compaq NC3131/3134 NICs were installed prior to installing Windows 2000. If this is the case, the Compaq Network Teaming software should already be installed. To verify, you should see an icon with 2 linked NICs in the System Tray.
Note: Disconnect the cables until the NIC Teaming configuration is complete and the computer has been rebooted. This will prevent the NICs from obtaining an IP address during installation.

Logon to the server as Administrator
Double-click on the Compaq Network Teaming icon in the System Tray
Select/Highlight two ports that will make the team. Usually the same numbered ports are chosen (ie. Port 1 on Slot x and Port 1 on Slot y OR Port 2 on Slot x and Port 2 on Slot y).
Click the Team buttom
Verify the team is set to Fault Tolerant and Redundancy Control is set to Fail on Failt then click OK (This is where you would set for Load Balancing instead)
Click OK to save the changes
Click Yes to continue if the Digital Signature Not Found window appears
Click OK at the next window
Click Yes to reboot
After the reboot logon as Administrator
Open an MS DOS window
Type ipconfig and hit Enter
If the IP address shown is not correct type ipconfig /release
Close the MSDOS window
Right-click My Network Places and select Properties
Right-click the appropriate LAN Connection icon and configure the network properties for the team. If you are unsure which icon it is, double click on the Compaq Network Teaming icon in the system tray. The number next to the team you created corresponds to the LAN Connection icon you should configure.

I hope this helps...

Take care...
Bruce P.