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Conrep and Time Zones on a Gen9


Conrep and Time Zones on a Gen9

The dl360 Gen9 seems to be the first generation that introduces a time zone in the BIOS, in addition to the traditional time and date. The default time zone is UTC. This has created a problem for us, because Server 2012 R2 keeps resetting the time by 6 hours, erroneously thinking that the BIOS clock is in local time rather than UTC. I have found a fix for that with Windows (here if anyone is interested, under RealTimeIsUniversal).

However, I would like to make sure that a server's BIOS time zone is in fact always set to the UTC time zone. This needs to be done programmatically on dozens of servers, therefore using Conrep. But when I do a dump of every setting with Conrep, the time zone is not there. Thus we have a BIOS setting with no way of programmatically checking or changing it via Conrep. Can someone from HP comment on this? Will there be a fix out for this? Is there another way to check or set the BIOS time zone?

Jimmy Vance

Re: Conrep and Time Zones on a Gen9

Conrep doesn't have the ability to set time, timezone, or local/UTC. I'm not aware of any tool offered by HPE that can configure those settings



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